How to add your website/Blog To NewsNaija

First, All You Need to know is that News Naija has Top websites/blogs in Nigeria on their App. And also the moment you are able to add your blog to News Naija.. Just consider your blog/website As a very good blog.

It’s Very Easy To Get Your Blog On News Naija Let Me Show you the trick.

STEP 1 Download The News Naija app from playstore 

STEP 2  Rate The App With either 4 or 5 stars 🌟

STEP 3  With the email you use in rating the app send a mail ✉ to , Tell Them How Much you use the app and how you would love to add your blog to their App. Then Send your sites URL and Logo to them, Within 5-7 Hours You will get a mail from them saying your sites has been Approved.

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