List Of Countries You Can Buy Citizenship From

LisGet From Kissingt Of Countries You Can Buy Citizenship From

There have been many attempts by people to leave the country, Nigeria, for so many reasons. These reasons range from corruption to poor governance. Hence, people are seeking for greener pastures where they will be a chance to put their talent to better use. – Countries You Can Buy Citizenship

However, being a Nigeria has its disadvantages especially when it comes to gaining access to other countries. The good news is that you can purchase your citizenship for another country.

List Of Countries You Can Buy Citizenship From

Below are some countries to consider:


If you are considering Cyprus, then be ready to dedicate 56 days. This citizenship requires an investment of €2m in real estate (806,269,459 naira), government bonds, a bank deposit in a Cyprus bank or investment in a new company. Candidates must also own a €500,000 home in Cyprus forever.


Also in Turkey, to get citizenship, investing in the Turkish lira equivalent of £195,000 (78,768,671.96 naira) into real estate and keeping it for three years can earn you a Turkish passport in a matter of months.

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Becoming a Moldovan citizen requires a donation of €100,000 (40,396,721.25 naira) and a government fee or an investment of €250,000 in approved real estate. Once you do this, you are on your way to being a citizen.

So if you do not have a large chunk of money, it is better you work towards making Nigeria better at least. – Countries You Can Buy Citizenship

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